Purim 2009, Florentin

For the third year in a row Florentin was the site of the biggest and bestest Purim street party in town. So big, that the crush on some street corners made breathing, let alone movement, impossible. These photos were taken at about 1 a.m. and people (all of them younger than we, many of them stranger looking) were still streaming into the area.

It goes without saying that in Tel Aviv, Purim is just an excuse to dress up in a costume, act silly and get drunk. Consequently it beats other festivals hands down. Click to enlarge pics.

There were many tipsy angels in the crowd.

As well as delegations from the east.

Everydoggie was getting into the act.

Some went to extravagant lengths to gain attention.

While others preferred to find a quiet corner and contemplate deeper meanings

Moose meets leiderhausen in what could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


GabysPoppy said…
There will still only be one Purim party to remember

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