Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purim again

Wearing silly hats, we forayed out for another Purim street party in Florentin last night 'erev Purim'. These photos were taken at about 11 p.m., that is just as things were beginning to warm up. My contacts had told me that the Florentin party had been cancelled this year but for once Facebook was wrong. While the police blocked off the entire neighbourhood to traffic, pedestrians of all shapes, sizes and appearances were soon filing in to make merry in the bars and streets.  

Yes the picture to your  right does feature three guys pushing a car with a larged stuffed rodent on the roof.

The male victim of this Draculess said that she wanted her photo taken.

In fact, I was regularly stopped by gaggles of people only too willing to pose for the camera.
They had made an effort (sort of) to get dressed up and seemed to want a bit of recognition for their efforts.

Some of them had a naturally exotic look,

while others, like this man wearing the mask of Yuval Steinitz the finance minister, were obviously trying to look bland.

I don't know about the hammentaschen (ozney haman)  boys. I didn't hear them speak but we heard lots of American accents. This dubious introduction of traditional Purim symbols and costumes into Florentin's street party might be their doing. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A stroll down the boulevard

We're having a heat wave ,a tropical heatwave. And while you are freezing, we're sitting back easing, enjoying the sunshine. And so on an unseasonably warm Shabbat morning we cycled down Sderot Rothschild, the fanciest boulevard in Tel Aviv.

An old chassid crossing the road against a background of posters advertising cool performances. Elton John, Rod Stewart, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan and the Pixies are all supposed to be performing in Israel this summer unless frightened off by boycott, divestment and sanctions.

At the bottom of the boulevard - the massive hulk of the new expanded Habimah (national theatre) building. Not only is it ugly and too big for its surroundings but the facing includes little sparkles which serve to make it look  glitzy.

Three men each pushing prams containing twins! Were they all on the same pill?
Posters advertising a Peace Now demonstration against the policy of the Bibi-Barak government described by the poster as a "masked carnaval". I should be there (in  the square outside the Cinematheque now) instead of writing this. The media seems to be playing up the possibility of a war this year. Hizbullah warlord Hassan Nasrallah threatened us this week that this time his rockets will be falling on Tel Aviv. It could be with Iran, Hizbullah, Syria, Hamas or any combination. Ho hum...

But this morning, on the boulevard people of all ages seemed relaxed.
Many doing what they most like to do.

While others seem to be carrying out group stares at trendy restraurants.

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