Sunday, December 24, 2006

Starting Out

An optimistic day on which to experiment posting my first blog, a bright, chilly winter's day and also the day after which Ehud Olmert met Abu Mazen for the first time. About bloody time too. What was achieved? Maybe some money for the Palestinians, maybe a real channel of communication and maybe just some time bought for two weak leaders. Only time will tell.

Both having the day off, we took ourselves to nearby Jaffa (Yaffo) to wander around the flea market and have lunch at Pua's - a funky, eclectic restaurant where everything is bought from the flea market and therefore nothing matches.

On our way there we saw a group of men were sitting on the pavement with little white prayer books... praying. Not seen that before. It was too late for the morning shacharit service and too early for the later ma'ariv. Maybe someone had died and they were saying prayers to speed on his soul.

Eventually we bought (what else) a brass pot.

For coffee we stopped off at the romantic Nina's on Shabazi St returning home to open a blog.

But how do you upload pictures?

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