Friday, January 26, 2007

Bye bye Moshe, hello Shimon?

What a show it was . President Katzav ranting in the most unpresidential fashion, claiming total innocence, charging that he was the victim of a clandestine plot hatched between the media and the police to down he who was not of the elite. Then asking the Knesset to allow him a leave of absence because of 'contraints'. Well, whether or not he manages to clear his name (I doubt it) he's out. Which means that the acting President of the State of Israel is .....

Dalia Itzik who is also the Speaker of the Knesset and a former minister. An unremarkable politician blessed with a very big mouth, this former teacher thanks to Moshe Katzav's (alleged) misdeeds, occupies the very pinnacle of our establishment.

However , if (heaven forfend) anything untoward should happen to Dalia, the acting President will be ...
Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Ahmed Tibi, former advisor to Yasser Arafat, recently seen at a Fatah rally in Ramallah exhorting the masses to march on Jerusalem.

But never fear, the man who was born for the job - Shimon Peres - is waiting in the wings. There's just one problem - he always loses the vote. If he does get elected this time, who knows, the Presidency might even be re-invested, at least for a short while, with a minimum of dignity.

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