Friday, February 16, 2007

The building and renovation work going on within a 1km radius from the rooftop is taking on staggering proportions. The old commercial centre of Tel Aviv (which roughly corresponds to Ahuzat Bayit, the forerunner or 'old city' of Tel Aviv) is being transformed before our eyes.

Of course, in terms of sheer space and presence, it is the office buildings and residential towers that dominate. The upside is that in return for approval of their building plans, the developers are obliged to conserve listed buildings. Add to that the demand by European Jews for architecturally interesting properties (and near the sea to boot) and the result is salvation for some interesting but neglected old buildings in the area that otherwise would have simply fallen down. This transformation is also affecting the human environment but we'll that for another time.

Coincidentally or not, the municipality is also chipping in by replacing old infrastructure, fixing the pavements and even adding some attractive street furniture. Until this work is done (we're talking months here) trying to take the car in or out of the area is becoming extremely challenging. Sometimes, at night it's literally impossible to get home by car (well, not without breaking the law) ...

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