Thursday, February 8, 2007

My amazing school

I was thinking of writing about the negotiations between Mahmoud Abas and Khaled Mash'al in Mecca because they could be crucial to what happens next between Israel and the Palstinians and the rest of the world.

But instead I want to write about my amazing school. A kind uncle sent me the link to an article in the Independent on the primary school I attended in Birmingham. Then it was called the 'Hebrew School', but for years it's been the 'King David'. When I was there (in the middle of the last century) it was 95% Jewish; today Jewish children comprise 35 per cent, Muslims 50 per cent and Christians, Sikhs and others, 15 per cent. The amazing thing is that the school, still strictly Jewish in essence (while respecting other faiths) has become a model of peaceful co-existence. It also still boasts an impressive academic record. There are even Moslem families who move to the school's catchment area in order to register.

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