Sunday, March 25, 2007

Unparalleled chutzpa

The lower end of Chelouche Street in Neve Tzedek with the Neve Tzedek Tower in the background.

Support for the argument that the construction of the Neve Tsedek Tower is a crime against the neighbourhood it markets itself as being a part of came from an interview in Ha'aretz with the controversial architectand former Tel Aviv engineer Yisrael Goodovich. Goodovich says that the Neve Tzedek Tower is a case of : "Chutzpah that has no parallel anywhere in the world."

In his new book on the tower phenomenon , he warns in a paraphrase of Marcel Proust, that Tel Aviv is turning into "towers that gather a city around them."

Goodovich has always been outspoken, not to mention crude and wild, but at least he is providing another view in a city gone tower mad.

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