Sunday, July 1, 2007



A in New York asked for more photos of Tel Aviv beach and since she is not to be refused here are two , both taken at the southern end (Alma Beach) where Tel Aviv meets Yaffo. I'll try to take some more further north. Above, some Arab kids are frolicking in the waves on a hot spring day.

Yesterday we took our traditional Shabbat morning summer dip and cappuccino on Alma beach which, looking north, looked like this. The strong sea breeze played havoc with the the sunshades, ripping them out of the sand and hurtling them dangerously across the laps of alarmed families. The waves were high and the sea sometimes rushed unexpectedly across the carefully arranged family encampments. Swimming (officially forbidden on this beach since there's no lifeguard) was challenging.
And this is the beach we would all like to be on. Trouble is , it's not in Tel Aviv but in Sinai where there is a permanent security alert for Israelis and as much as we love it, that's enough to add a layer of concern that you don't really want on your holiday. But it is tempting. Friends are going in July - we'll see.

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