Monday, July 2, 2007

More beaches 1

The last blog on beaches really didn't begin to do justice to the subject and since on the these long, hot and humid summer days a visit to the beach after work is seriously recommended, I took some more pics this evening; this time on Frishman beach beneath the Dan Hotel. A short walk revealed a wide variety of active beach pursuits. (I'm having trouble uploading photos again so excuse the gibberish if it appears). The photo above is of course of a matkot (biff bat) player (click for detail). This is the national Israeli beach sport and great fun, if you're playing it. Less though if you get whacked in the eye with a squash ball travelling close to the speed of light. Zig-zagging adroitly between matkot players is therefore a skill that beachwalkers ignore at their peril.

Looking for dad's car keys. There was lots of energy on the beach this afternoon. The air was balmy and the breeze not too strong . Just right for a brisk walk, jog or male bonding ritual. And since I couldn't upload the next photo (of the male bonding ritual) I'm going to try to post what I have so far.

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