Saturday, August 11, 2007

In the cabbage patch

Met this little guy amongst the cabbages in shuk ha-carmel early on Friday morning. He had been adopted by the cabbage seller who was quite happy to have him roam the undulating topography as he set up his stall.

The news of the past week of the past week has included the opening of yet another criminal investigation into Ehud Olmert's shenanigans, lots of talk about a peace process and peace plans (to be discussed) and the march of the Holocaust survivors for some decent support.

When it comes to important issues like redeeming the reputation of a crooked prime minister or a sex-offender President, the "strategic advisers" amoral and unscrupulous to the core, are called in to save the day. One of the most aggressive (and weird) is Moti Morell who this time was working for the Holocaust survivors' organsation and whose methods are described this week in Ha'aretz.

But early August is still too hot to get even hotter under the collar about how our little cabbage patch is being manipulated by a small group of spin doctors. And some of us have more important things to do.

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