Sunday, September 23, 2007

Disaster thwarted

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While we were enjoying the sacred peace and quiet of Yom Kippur, devoting the day to reading, contemplation and wandering the empty streets, unbeknown to us, a drama was playing itself out just a few hundred metres away from the rooftop. It turns out that the security forces closed in on an apartment in Rehov Piagotto , just up the road, where they discovered a suicide bomb belt that was supposed to be used over the chagim. The apartment was occupied by illegal Palestinian workers who put up a fight and were arrested. The Shin Bet got the intelligence from Hamas militants captured in an operation in a refugee camp near Nablus which too its own toll in lives, including one Israeli soldier and several innocent Palestinians alongside the terrorists.

As is often the case, foiled the terrorist attack was a consequence of Palestinian in-fighting. Apparently the Gaza branch is seeking a cease-fire with Israel while the Damascus leadership is opposed and wanted to upset the November "Peace conference" with a spectacular terror attack in the heart of Tel Aviv.

And so it goes. Innocent people get killed in an operation designed to save the lives of other innocent people. For the innocent civilians who lose their lives in this conflict and in conflicts everywhere, nothing is ever right or fair. And in the rush and spin of events, your chances of survival depend only on your timing and precise geography.

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