Saturday, October 27, 2007

Third World Love

Omer Avital

Been especially busy and ignoring my blog commitments but not my commitment to listening to some live music from time to time. As luck would have it Thirld World Love were playing on Thursday night at Levontin 7 , a funky , fringey performance place and bar in the now trendy Gan Ha-chashmal (Electric Garden) area.

Thirld World Love are bassist Omer Avital , trumpeter Avishai Cohen , pianist Avishai Cohen and drummer/percussionist Daniel Freedman. The first three are Israelis who live or lived in New York while Daniel is a New Yorker who got sucked into the Israeli Jazz milieu there.

All are virtuoso jazz players. Omer can make the double bass sing (and played a long solo in which he made it sing like an oud), Avishai's lyrical trumpet is as clear as a bell, Daniel is a wonderfully talented and knowledgeable percussionist and Yonatan is a quirky, brilliant pianist. As TWL their music is often based on African and Middle Eastern rhythms that get the audience dancing before they find out that they are going to be taken on a much more sophisticated musical ride that transcends the normal boundaries .

Avishai Cohen (not to be confused with the successful Israeli bassist of the same name)

On Thursday the sold-out crowd , (mainly young but we weren't the only wrinklies) lapped up every minute. Even though we had to stand I didn't feel tired. Third World Love play all over the world, their members live in different countries but their most enthusiastic fan base is in Israel.

here are some sites of the individual musicians

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