Saturday, November 24, 2007

New York Music

Brilliant flutist Itai Kriss (who happens to be a close relation) playing Latin music at the Fat Cat club with his excellent band Cachimba. See Itai's site.

Back on the Rooftop again after almost two weeks in New York. It was great fun (thanks to Itai & Adeola again) and provided plenty of food for thought and blogs but meanwhile here are a few more of the almost 400 photos (!) I took there, concentrating this time on music

Music is to be heard everywhere in New York and particularly in subway stations where musicians of every imaginable style play to a hostage audience of waiting passengers. My personal favourite was a drummer (unfortunately not pictured) who played brilliantly on a set of upturned plastic paint containers (with bits of dried paint still falling out of them). Apart from the subway and enjoying Itai and friends at various venues we went to hear two concerts by musicians we'd never heard of: the New Orleans based Subdudes at the B.B. King Club and Brazilian superstar Caetano Veloso at the Nokia Theatre - both excellent.

Here's a saw player who managed to draw the most convincing sounds out of her weird instrument.

This drummer schlepped an entire set into the depths of the subway. In some places there were groups of up to ten musicians.

Chinese music played on a banjo is not my personal bag but it too helped to while away the minutes before the arrival of the G or the L train.

An equally happy looking accordionist.

Brilliant pianist Jack Glottman, also with Cachimba.

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