Monday, December 3, 2007


Past the old factory building belonging to the Chelouche Bros. Apart from playing a very substantial role in the establishment of Ahuzat Bayit (later Tel Aviv) Yosef Eliyahu Chelouche in particular tried to mediate between Jews and Arabs in the turbulent 1920 s.

Past the Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre , renovated in the 1980s, formerly two abandoned schools (originally built by Chelouche). The activity surounding the centre gave the whole of Neve Tsedek a massive boost, saving it from the bulldozers.

Behind this tastefully conserved old wall lies a very expensive villa.

And suddenly, just around the corner , you're in "Mexico ", an area with an apparently undecided planning future , where residents are not allowed to build. This has left this area looking like a shanty town.

Down to the beach where the afternoon sunlight is having a dramatic effect on this fence put up by the contractors who are relandscaping the whole of the Clore Gardens (formerly the Arab neighbourhood of Manshiyeh, an outgrowth of Yaffo). Another big project. Half the city is being excavated.

A sepia sunset with Old Yaffo in the background.

And a very happy dog.

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