Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Musical dreams

All set up and ready to rock

Last weekend Mid Life Crisis finally got together at Z & E's place in Tivon (near Haifa) for a long awaited marathon rehearsal session which we ended with a performance for friends (coming to celebrate E's birthday). For a band that manages, with difficulty, to meet every three weeks for 4 hours, this was a dream come true. The songs we had been working on sporadically began to turn into a real set, with some sort of logical order and we were finally beginning to sound tight.
It was also a chance to spend some time together, relax amidst the surrounding greenery and connect to nature, to music and all that..

Danny B does yoga as the rest of the house sleeps after a long night of playing, eating and otherwise imbibing.

Ageing rockers MLC in action (above) apart from Danny B (below) who seems to be playing by himself in the corner.

The good people of Tivon getting on down to the raw-but-exciting sounds of MLC.

Mid Life Crisis is now poised to continue its test run at a small location near you. If you own a small location that is willing to let us play please comment to this blog.

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