Thursday, February 21, 2008

From above

I've gathered a few shots of TA from above. This is from the 15th floor of a building in the diamond boursa area in Ramat Gan facing north-west onto the Ayalon Freeway which runs alongside the Ayalon stream that occasionally overflows. The office and commercial buildings that line the Ayalon Freeway, (a ringroad with easy access to Haifa and Jerusalem) have been called Ayalon City. The squat tower with the helipad is the defense ministry. The towers on the left (one triangular, one circular and one square) constitute the Azrielli Centre and include a massive shopping mall. The Azrieli Centre, thrusting and stylish, has become an unofficial Tel Aviv symbol

Next (and the rest) was taken from the 13th floor of the Neve Tsedek Tower (thanks to L&P and enjoy your new second home). It looks back at the previous picture, through the central business district towards Ramat Gan with its own almost Manhattenesque skyline.

The red roofs of the Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre in the heart of Neve Tsedek, with the open landscape of the soon to be developed fomer Arab neighbourhood of Manshiyeh in the background.

Facing north towards Yaffo promontory and the sea. The open seam between them needs to be sealed and the two to be better integrated , both physically and socially.

The tin roofs of the workshops of Florentin leading into the poor neighbourhoods of south Tel Aviv. Florentin too is to be developed.

Closer to the ground, more on the Tel Aviv well houses project in this site (Hebrew only). The exhibition opens tonight.

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