Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Midsummer paralysis

So much for writing more blogs on my holiday. But you know how it is; the more time you have , the less you seem to to accomplish. Not that I've been entirely supine. There have been great family visits and a lot of beachgoing and even sailing! (thanks to H and his yacht).

The picture above in fact is of H's foot, casually steering our craft through the stomach-churning swell off Ashkelon marina. The photo below was taken at Alma beach, our favourite (and closest) spot along Tel Aviv's long beachfront. Here, Arab families from Yaffo share some communal space and the vocal comments of the lifeguards supervising the limited strip of sea designated for bathing (the sea is dangerous here). That's about where the co-habitation ends though. Each side sticks to itself and doesn't bother the other and everything's cool (although not warm). It's clear who looks out of place in this photo.

Unbearably muggy, noisy and sticky, midsummer in the middle of Tel Aviv is to be avoided if possible. Even the rooftop gets to be unsufferably hot, driving me downstairs to the a/c or further, to the beach where the breeze lightens the humid soup.

There's also been music. Tonight's the night of Mid Life Crisis' first real gig, another reason I need to rest up. Of course we love playing but it's also no secret that playing in a rock band at this stage in life is a doomed attempt to recreate lost youth. The photo below is of a young man I met outside a music shop in Rabat, Morocco. His face says it all.

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