Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MLC - the (first real) performance

MLC in action last night. click for full screen

Well we did it. Last night's performance by Mid Life Crisis at Bloom Bar was a major success and all band members are still high on our night of glory. The enthusiastic and supportive audience of about 60 (several of whom were not even family or friends of the band members) was in the 18-65 age range - definitely the market niche we're seeking.

Rockin it up at the Bloom Bar. There's nothing like pretending you're 21 and getting away with it for an hour.

Some of the audience was too young to recognise the cover versions we did (even covers of new songs a mere 10 years old!) but seemed to appreciate us nevertheless. We were on good form and even when we flubbed something (no more than 4-5 times throughout the 14 song set) we somehow sorted it out (herein lies the value of rehearsals) and got back on track.

They could almost be doing that little dance like 'The Shadows' used to do - but they're not.
Y who was sitting at the bar across from the stage told me that he liked us. "You were professional but modest," he said. "Whatday mean modest?" Iasked. "Well, there was no showoffy jumping around the stage like some bands," he said.
This was largely because there wasn't room to roll a stone on the miniscule, triangular stage. Danny Z kept feeling the thwack of my bass drum on the back of his legs. I was scrunched next to a pillar and my drum seat inched precariously closer to a gap on the stage when we ratched up the energy level up a little. None of us could hear each other or our individual selves properly either but as long as the audience seemed happy, we were on a roll.
The photos here were all taken by by the talented 'H'. At the end there are some of the audience. It was a momentous night and will doubtless spur MLC ever onwards and upwards.

Zev in a lyrical passage

Danny Z on full throttle

Danny B in an emotional vocal performance

yours truly

Before the gig there was a sound check which started with us all hauling the ancient, battered drumset down from the derelict second floor of the joint. The snare was kaput and I had to ask A to rush in mine from home. Bloom Bar is situated where Sheinkin, King George and Allenby intersect. This is a lively spot where the Carmel market morphs into the boutiques of Sheinkin and the gritty, low end, bazaar atmosphere of King George and there was a great view of all the human trafiic from the second floor. Pity I didn't have camera with me.


GabysPoppy said...

OK Mr. RockStar, I bet you took home a groupie with the initial A from your gig last night. Let me know when you want me to book the American tour for you. I can almost guarantee you the perks reserved for Bon Jovi and Sting. First class accomodations await you at West 71st Street.

Shari said...

Mazal Tov,
Wish I'd been there.
However, having my own mid-life crisis going on, I find it difficult
on a weeknight to get out and rock out. Bed and a good book tend to be my speed.
Hope I'll catch you next time. Pictures are great!

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