Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pensaks Passage

Couldn't have been there without writing a few words about Pensaks Passage at Herzl 16. Built in 1925, this was designed as a commercial building and served as a sort of proto-shopping mall, complete with shops, restaurants, cafes and workshops. From a central courtyard open to the elements, you climb up to another three floors all facing down to the courtyard. Today the ground floor is deserted and some of the top floors have been sub-divided into flats. The day we we visited a group of arts students were holding an exhibition on the ground floor.

Goods were lifted to the upper floors by means of a lift (ok, elevator), the first of its kind in Tel Aviv.

Still standing but now unuseable, this went by the name of ma'aliya. The original sign can be seen in the entrance to the building.

A pretty corner created by tenant on one of the upper floors hints at the potential for change. Haven't heard about a scheme to salvage and conserve this wonderful old building. I hope that someone picks up the gauntlet.

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Sarah said...

Well... that's funny because I was there exactly on the same day! I loved the courtyard and the elevator. What did you think about the exhibition?

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