Sunday, March 15, 2009

Razor blades, old brigades, Mid Life Crisis hit parades


This old advert for 'Shalom' razor blades slowly peeling on the dusty window of an abandoned parfumeria can be seen as symbolic. I liked the fact that Shalom was a NEW........ISH PROCESS, although it's obvious that some of the letters have been erased. Might this have been a NEW JEWISH PROCESS? or maybe it was ENGLISH PROCESS. In any event, like the blades, shalom seems to have been superceded.


Rehov Alexandroni, presumably named after the Alexandroni Brigade that fought in the 1948 War, receives a new interpretation for English speakers. Apparently someone at the municipality thought they'd be more interested in meeting new people than in hearing about boring old Brigades.

Photo credit: Fred Black


'War Zone' by ageing rockers Mid Life Crisis was played today on the coolest music station in Israel -106 FM. This makes the second time that our song has been played on the radio thereby proving decisively that we're not too old to be rock gods. Details of a gig in April coming soon.

Mid Life Crisis - now a radio sensation

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