Sunday, March 20, 2011


In our daily lives we play different people (colleague, parent, friend, competitor) and , as the number of roles increase, we stand to forget who the 'real'  me is. Purim (like all carnivals) gives us the legitimacy to stop pretending that we're not pretending and play out a role in public.

A local couple showing their appreciation

After several years of tension and negotiations between the bar owners of Florentin and the authorities, this year, the police and the municipality decided to cooperate: they blocked streets to the area, set an 18+ age limit and gave the annual Purim Florentin street party the freedom to play loud music all night, sell alcohol on the street and generally go crazy. There are similar street parties on New Year's Eve and Independence Day.

Many people wore bunny ears. Japanese nuclear scientists was another strong theme.

Some people took to acting our their fantasies a little too vividly.

For others, Purim might not be the only time they dress up.

Time to get back to basics. Two little Queen Esthers, entrance to Suzanne Dellal centre.

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Lynn said...

Sweet. Happy to see letting go and joy in the streets of Israel! Thanks for sharing.