Saturday, September 10, 2011

Making Art Loving Art in Yaffo

This weekend the annual Tel Aviv art festival took to the streets. We took a walk along Yehuda Hayamit in Yaffo, a normally nondescript commercial street in a mixed Jewish-Arab area  that turned up some suprises. Outside the Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) building two dancers performed in front of a small crowd .

This trio of Arab girls had a strategic view next to spotlights and seemed entranced.
From the outside, the studio/salon at number 20 looked pretty dilapidated but the interior revealed this cosy area.

Further up the road, an explosion of primitivist colour.

Not often that you see a cellist playing at the entrance of a carpentry shop, so  we were drawn in.

To find that the cellist had friends making electronic sounds at the back.
On the way we met Ahmad who was taking advantage ofthe crowds to display his bicycle technique. He agreed to have his picture taken on condition that it would appear on the internet. So this is for you Ahmad.

Watching video art projected onto a sheet in a trendy textiles shop.

This man, performing outside a health food store, was reciting passages from the Bible backwards. He then ran the recording through a computer programme that played it backwards, resulting in the syllables appearing in the right order (I guess you had to be there but it was impressive)

Recordings of the chant of this summer's mass demonstrations - "The people want social justice!" emanated from this artistic protest tent placed on top of a skip.
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