Saturday, May 19, 2012

From Within 1

A section of an original wall painting

This isn't the first time that I've done a post on the annual batim mibifnim event ( Houses From Within). But it's such a rare opportunity to see the inside of some of the most interesting buildings and spaces in the city that it's just too good to pass up. So here are a few images from this weekend's harvest, with more coming separately. By the way, just skimming the programme online will give you an idea of the scope of Tel Aviv's architectural and urban treasures.


We started close to home, in a building on Rehov Mohliver built in 1926. The couple renting this apartment have done a lovely job of preserving many features of the old Eclectic Style with minimum expense and maximum care and taste. To reveal the lovely old tiles in the photo below they had to scrape away the linoleum that had covered it.     

On the top tier of this antique magazine rack sits an original copy of a book of photographs taken by the Avraham Sosskin (1881-1963)  who documented Tel Aviv (founded 1909) in its earliest years. The proud owner showed us that it was signed by Thomas Mann (!). Her husband said that since the building wasn't listed for preservation, he was afraid that it would be knocked down to make way for a new building and all this would disappear.    

We pedaled southwards, deep into the industrial  area between Salame and Kibbutz Galuot, where all sorts of interesting spaces have been opening up between the factories, workshops and garages.This is the entrance to the Amir Gallery that makes custom made steel designs. 

Inside was this photo by Uri Machlev was printed on steel. 

Over the road, this industrial space has been turned into a work space that can be rented by young designers. 

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