Friday, March 2, 2007

Ad lo yada

Starting tomorrow night it's Purim -the festival that everyone can relate to because it's so much fun. The dressing up, the parties, the craziness. It's even a mitzva to get so blasted you can't tell wrong from right - ad lo yada . This concept of crossing moral lines in the service of God was literally on the Purim of 1994 when Baruch Goldstein fired on Moslems praying in the Cave of the Patriarchs killing 29 people. Adloyada is also Hebrew for 'Purim carnival parade', Tel Aviv held the best and biggest adloyadas back in the 20s and 30's but the Queen Esther crown is now worn by it's upstart neighbour Holon. It always rains on Purim (but it won't this year they say).

I wanted to snap kids on their way to their school Purim parties clad as pirates, policemen and superheroes but my camera is in Amsterdam and the next time I see it (hopefully), I'll be in London. So I searched my collection for something wacky but all I could come up with was a building in Florentine that seemed to have put on fancy dress and this below.

No doubt, in batei knesset (shuls) around the country, during the reading of megilat Esther people will be booing evil Haman and thinking Ahmadinejad but when it comes to dangerous bufoons.....

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