Saturday, June 2, 2007

A new dawn

A new dawn breaks over a tower under construction on Rothschild Boulevard. A new dawn breaks too for the latest musical offering by Mid Life Crisis, a cheerful little number called War Zone. The lyrics were strongly influenced by Lebanon II but are applicable today and will be for any foreseeable time in the future. If the link doesn't work, the address is

Today, following recently acquired habit of visiting art galleries on shabbat mornings we took a look at an exhibition at the Givon Gallery on Gordon St (gallery alley) It was called "Looking at trees and not seeing only the forest" and was curated by the the recently deceased artist, teacher and music critic Rafi Lavie. Some excellent, thought provoking pieces.

On the way home we stopped off at the legendary Mersand Cafe on Ben Yehuda cnr Frishman. Although the place has changed hands, the new owners have kept the classic 60s chrome and Formica decor. There was a cool young crowd there and lots of human and vehicular traffic outside.

And I spotted Haim Topol getting into a taxi over the road. A new dawn broke today even for Haim Topol.

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