Monday, July 21, 2008

Iran, California, Manhattan

Tel Aviv is “half Iran, half California; it’s a synagogue meets a sushi bar,” the writer and lifelong Tel Aviv resident Etgar Keret tells travel writer Henry Alford in an insightful and amusing article on a first-time visit to TA.

In our particular stretch of the woods, Manhattan would be a more accurate reference point. On the one hand, work has at long last started on restoring a beautiful old building (one of twins)over the street that used to serve as a labour disputes court. We've been waiting for this for about a decade in the knowledge that the newly restored building would spruce up the street and create a lovely refurbished neighbour for the rooftop. Who knows, the municipality might even decide to repave the road and fix the pavements.

A corner of no 6 , taken from the rooftop a few months ago.

On the other, the towers are on the march. Our joy at no 6 being renovated is tempered by the threat of plans for a massive tower which would stand about 100 metres behind it, dwarfing it and blocking the view from the (our) rooftop! Today, the district planning committee heard the case for and against approving the Niva Tower - see last post. (I meant to be there but something came up). And on TV tonight there was an item on the new 30 storey tower, designed (interiors I assume) by Giorgio Armani with prices up to to $13m per unit (I guess they're talking about the penthouse).

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