Saturday, February 7, 2009

Promise, promises

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Elections on Tuesday. Not much to look forward to politically but at least I'll get the day off. This illustration of voters at the polls on the front cover of Achbar Ha-Ir (City Mouse) guide speaks volumes. With such a poor supply of leadership on offer it's not surprising that many voters are wracked by indecision and doubt.

If in the last post Tsipi Livni was pushing for an immediate and disproportionate response to the truce infractions in Gaza. This week she suddenly started saying that "these elections are all about peace". Yes, the thankfully short election campaign is drawing to a close, and despite the desperate straits we are in, the main contenders are trying to flog us the old merchandise: peace security (and, for the racists, screwing the Arabs) without believing in them and knowing that we don't really believe in them either. In politics, as in advertising, it's all about illusions.

The possible combinations of parties that might form a government all seem to include Yisrael Beitenu, led by Avigdor Lieberman who is picking up votes daily on the wings of a 'No citizenship without loyalty' ticket. Namely his demand, that Arabs (plus leftists and anyone else he doesn't like that day) sign an oath of loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state or lose their citizenship, although not their residency. The popularity of this racist comes mainly but certainly not only from the Russian immigrant community. True, Lieberman's bark is always worse than his bite but if he turns out to be the third biggest party on Wednesday morning it will not be a sign that we are heading for a bright new day.

To get your mind off the depressing prospect of a future dominated by Bibi and Avigdor (Yvette) Lieberman, take a look at these inspiring aerial photos of London at night (thanks Steve)

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