Saturday, May 19, 2012

From Within 2

Behind the sleek design studio (see previous blog ) lay a courtyard which, perhaps because of its seclusion had been given especially devoted treatment by street artists.

A few blocks away, on the 11th floor of a commercial building on the corner of Shocken and Kibbutz Galuot, pianist Hagai Yuden is ensconced in loft that features a 150 year old Steinway Grand that used to belong to the mayor of New York.

Yuden, who gives piano recitals set against the background of the constantly sprouting Tel-Aviv skyline that can be seen from his panoramic window, also has a view one of his neighbours. 

This looks like the inside of a beit knesset (synagogue) and it is: a scale model of the interior of a beit knesset in Aden. It can be found in the museum devoted to the Jewish  community of Aden that recently opened in Lilienblum 5. The museum occupies the ground floor ( until recently, used for storing textiles) of the simple but elegant beit knesset that the architect Yehuda Megidovich designed  for the Jews of Aden who settled in Tel Aviv. 

 Young Jewish Adenites in the good old days.

The interior of the Kol Yehuda synagogue taken from the ezrat nashim (women's gallery). The stained glass windows which normally depict the twelve tribes of Israel,  seem to be based on motifs from the country and city in Eretz Israel and have a modernistic feel to them. Since we look at these windows every night from the Rooftop and has never seen them from the inside, it was great to get up close.

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