Sunday, May 5, 2013


Florentin is in metamorphosis. Ramshackle constructions are rapidly giving way  to new building projects that are springing up everywhere. Here the stylish, Bauhaus inspired residential project designed by Ilan Pivco rises above Florentin's  makeshift sheds. 

The street artists are still running wild for now but, as the building cranes approach, like endangered species may soon have to find richer hunting grounds.

These industrial alleyways populated by metal shops, carpenters, students and artists won't be here for much longer.

But two young architects bought an old store, in a street much like the one above, renovated it, designed it to collect as much light as possible and have transformed it into a flat and studio. Their 
block is slated for demolition but meanwhile...

Spotted in a design studio we visited on' Open Houses' weekend. Tel Aviv separates itself from the rest of the country: a scenario that many would say has already taken place.  

Back to Florentin for some more street art....

A detail of  ceiling in Neve Shechter , a recently opened religious/cultural centre. The wall paintings were part of the original Templar design. Later the building was  called Cafe Lawrence and was used as a cinema for  British soldiers.

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